Audit Services

We have a long running Partner led team for all of our Audit clients.

We have a strong commitment to understanding your business and accountancy needs which enable us to successfully meet your expectations on any agreed timeframe in regard to providing you with a quality service.

Wrights Chartered Accountants utilise the latest technical software which benefits our clients as it allows us to deliver a cost-effective, risk-based, paperless audit  and  ensuring that our team have the latest and most up to date knowledge of the International Accounting Standards, Australian Accounting Standards and the Australian Auditing Standards.

Wrights Chartered Accountants is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. This association allows us access to experts in our field and it is our commitment to ensure the ongoing training of our people and which benefits our clients.

Our experience with industries is very broad allowing us to identify our client's compliance needs. Within our region our audit client's range from Clubs through to privately owned companies and not-for-profit entities.

How our Audit services work

Gathering, analysing and acting on the relevant information in a timely effective manner is an asset to all businesses. We know our clients need a swift and practical response to their needs.

Costly reports are not always necessary, and we are committed to providing estimates of fees before any additional work outside of the scope of significant assigned work has been undertaken.

Typically each of our clients has a unique perspective and set of needs so we ensure that we work with you to keep ahead of the latest trends and shifts in your industry.

Our findings are client specific, objective and unbiased. This provides our clients with a point of view that may not have been considered as their time is typically invested in the day to day operation of the entity.

Our main Audit services include but are not limited to; statutory audits, reviews, acquittals, internal audits, identifying business risks such as theft, identifying obsolete processes and stock, assessing IT systems sustainability, GST/PAYG reviews, assistance with ASIC queries, FBT reviews, corporate governance, project planning evaluation, benchmarking, technology risk management and business integration.


As in all industries the potential of a conflict of interest is a dominant concern to audit professionals. We maintain an intranet based system that monitors and updates our team's independence to mitigate any events which may affect our independence before it becomes an issue.

"Dan understands the operational needs of a large organisation such as Burrun Dalai. He has the confidence of our Board of Governance and Chief Executive Officer and his often opinion is sought and valued.

We consider Wrights Chartered Accountants to be an important local partnership as they are professional, have up-to-date knowledge and strong local connections. 

Burrun Dalai requires an Auditor with the cultural sensitivity to work with an Aboriginal Agency and to assist us to work through a period of sustained and significant growth.  Dan is a respectful and professional who more than meets our needs in these areas.

Dan's wealth of experience ensures that nothing gets past him in an Audit process; however, when he has brought issues to our attention he has done so in a respectful and supportive manner and worked collaboratively with me resolve them.

Dan's interpersonal skills ensure the Audit process is managed with the least impact to our day-to-day operations whilst still ensuring a thorough Audit is performed.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Dan and the team at Wrights to others.  We get the sense that Wrights genuinely want us to succeed in what we do."

Russell Smith

Accountant, Burrun Dalia

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