Tax Planning

Tax compliance is a must, but it is in the area of tax planning that Wrights can do most to ensure maximization of tax benefits and the growth and development of your business and personal wealth.

Tax Planning is our specialty. We can provide advice to help:

  • Minimise the Capital Gains Tax liabilities on selling your business or farm.
  • Maximise the CGT and GST relief in handing over the family business or farm.
  • Maximise the tax relief available on retirement.
  • Ensure you are not penalized for private company loans.
  • Reduce your annual income tax bill legitimately.
  • Know whether you should purchase business-related assets personally and lease them back to your company.

Almost every business decision carries tax implications. We have saved our clients from paying additional costs by assisting in the structuring of a transaction to maximize the tax relief available. It is always a good idea to speak to us before you make financial decisions from the purchase of a motor vehicle, to restructuring a bank loan or the sale of an investment property.

We will work with you to plan how you can reduce your tax costs legitimately and help you to take the actions that will keep as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket as is possible.

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