State Government releases next stage of Club updates

As part of the Stronger Clubs Stronger Communities initiative announced last year by the NSW State Government the second stage has passed through the Parliament.

Corporate Governance 

Board of Directors now limited to a maximum of 9 members

Mandatory training framework for directors and managers to strengthen their knowledge and skills

Introduction of potential three year terms for directors

Restrictions imposed to prevent clubs and their assets from falling into the hands of private interests

Provide that it is a defence for club managers accused of certain liquor related offences that they took reasonable steps to avoid the commission of the offence

Amalgamations and De-amalgamation

Amalgamations can now occur by both amalgamating Clubs being dissolved and a new entity being created rather than the former provision where one Club had to be dissolved and the assets transferred to the remaining Club. This option is however still available.

De-amalgamation can occur by the formation of a new Club operating from where the previously dissolved Club operated

Gaming Machines

Remove the forfeiture requirements when transferring gaming machine entitlements between amalgamated Clubs in different local government areas

Exempt de-amalgamating clubs from local impact assessment and forfeiture requirements for gaming machine entitlements transfers

Should you wish to discuss these amendments or any other matter related to the operation of your Club Doug Cheetham is available to assist you with your enquiries