Wrights CA Blog

Can you tell us a little about your background? 

I completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New England in 2004. Then I joined an accounting firm in Armidale where I specialised in Internal and External Audits. I spent just over 3 years there before my wife and I relocated to Kempsey to be nearer family. I then moved into a management accounting role within local government, focusing on budgeting and forecasting and cost management. I did that for over 5 years whilst completing my CPA, then moved back into public practice in 2013 when I joined the team at Wrights.
What is the most rewarding part about your role with Wrights? 

For SME's it's really satisfying to see entities grow and improve their bottom line as a result of some work we have done for them, or advice we have provided. For audits clients it's being able to add value to their controls and systems at the same time as helping them meet their compliance obligations.

What are some of the biggest challenges you think businesses may face next financial year and ways to overcome? 

Technology developments: there are a lot of changes in this space, and it can be costly for business to keep up to date and maintain the appropriate skill set to fully capitalise on the benefits and efficiencies that could be obtained. I think a lot of these changes have been, and will continue to be, forced upon business, and the challenge will be to embrace the benefits rather than resist change.

Also, we are seeing a trend of political instability within Australia at present, with governments and leaders chopping and changing at both the State and Federal levels. This appears to be having a negative effect on consumer confidence and the economy.  It would be good to see some longer term planning rather than governing for the sake of re-election.

If you could invite any three business people to lunch, who would they be and why would you invite them?
John Singleton – he has been successful for a long time and at such a wide variety of businesses as well, it would be good to get an insight into some of the common themes in his successful ventures. Also appears to be a bit of a character, so would be entertaining.
Steve Waugh – a sportsman, but also has made the transition into the corporate world. Just to get his perspective on getting the most of your abilities and unlocking potential.
Justin Herald – founder of the "Attitude" clothing line – I saw him speak at a conference a couple of years ago and was impressed by his story of starting out with next to nothing and turning an idea into an international brand.